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We see many opportunities to make positive impacts fast, this is why we are excited to play a role of accelerator in the energy transition.


Harry van Dijk

Education: Chemical Engineer (University of Twente), MBA (Henley University - UK), Executive Management Program INSEAD Singapore.

Harry has a versatile career covering technology, commercial and projects in both hands-on as well as managerial roles. Since 2009 he has succesfully led several international projects in the Downstream and Midstream Oil & Gas sectors ranging from 10 mln up to 1bln USD in value. Throughout his career Harry worked extensively on the implementation of process changes and technology implementations in manufacturing organisations and operations. Harry further played a leading global role in an organisation tasked with commercialising of technology and services.

"I believe that more can and should be done in sustainable energy in society, specifically in the industry and I am keen to make things happen in this space. "




Joost van Dijk

Education: Transitional Leadership (University Tilburg), MBA (Rotterdam School of Management), MSc. in Electrical Engineering, MSc. in Chemical Engineering (University Twente), Executive Leadership (Harvard Business School)

Joost is an seasoned executive manager with a broad experience in leading large international organisations through periods of significant change. He provides strategic advise to companies en governments in the realization of sustainable energy solutions. As an independent manager he directs the realization of energy transition programs. He applies a systemic approach to develop a future vision and to translate that into actions for today. His extended network in both business circles and public arena further strengthens his approach.

”I got so intrigued by the phenomenon of leadership that I spent a sabbatical year studying leadership practice, resulting in a PhD in 2015”