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The ZEMprojects ways of working:

The ZEMprojects team tailors emission reduction programs and projects to fit your strategy, need and circumstance. We have extensive experience with change management, opportunity framing, business case development and technology adaptation. Where relevant we will bring in the latest thinking through our network of innovation providers, academia and institutions. We recognize and work through the pitfalls and barriers. We know what it takes to deliver success, also in more complex international business environments.

We will always choose a fit for purpose approach to match your specific strategy and need, but you will recognise these ingredients when we develop programs:

1: Inventory. Understanding the as-is from and external, internal and collaborative perspective. What are the relevant best practices in comparable industries? What ideas exist within our organisation? What do external experts think is possible?

2: Opportunity Framing. Where are the high impact ideas in each discipline? In the supply chain? In your assets and facilities? In your production process or your commercial activities? ZEMprojects work with all relevant players and our experts to create the most comprehensive portfolio of initiatives to reduce your emissions profitably.

3: Business Case. How viable is the initiative? Does it add sufficient value and fit with strategy? These initiatives will be reviewed in a critical process applying the five TECOP (Technical, Economic, Commercial, Organisational and Political) lenses.

4: Program Development. Finding optimal phasing and resource allocation is critical for success. The journey to clean energy should be complementary to your core business priorities and create positive energy. The transition should add value in each step and not slow you down.

5: Getting started and Embedding. Early success will feed momentum, and this is usually relatively easy. More challenging is to configure the right instruments, incentive structures and programs to keep the journey alive and properly embedded in your business. Roles and accountabilities need to be anchored. Frequent actualisation to ensure you are abreast of the latest process and technology innovations will be intrinsic to the program.


ZEMprojects associated partners


ZEMprojects is proud to introduce a proven approach to energy efficiency in the Netherlands. The cross sectoral Learning Energy Networks is a networking method rolled out in Germany to 500 regions, whereby thousands of companies work together to achieve an energy saving of 75 PJ per annum by 2020. This is the equivalent of 5 Million tons of GHG emission reduction. The method is aimed at removing barriers in the energy transition, sharing practical applicable knowledge, setting realistic targets, working together between "neighbour" companies, ensuring result delivery,  flexible resource availability, and continued focus on making progress. Participating companies are on average achieving twice the level of improvement and making more profits from energy transitions, compared to companies working alone. Please contact us for more information. 


Industrial Synergies Ltd 

International Synergies developed the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP). It is the most successful example of facilitated industrial symbiosis; replicated at regional and national levels in over 30 countries with more than 15,000 participating companies across Europe, Asia, North and South America and Africa.

Peter Laybourn, Chief Executive International Synergies says, “Industrial Symbiosis unlocks a raft of hidden benefits in terms of emission reduction, up cycling of waste streams, unlocking new value from energy and material sources, and creating a demand pull on innovation. A national coordinated approach to Industrial Symbiosis could truly accelerate the realisation of these benefits. It ensures that lessons of the past are taken forward, that continuity and robust processes are anchored and that the impact is material, transparent and real. We are pleased to work together with the team of ZEMprojects to drive this change in the Netherlands. It is important that the expertise from the industry is mobilised towards this goal.”

If you want to read more about International Synergies, achievements and case studies, please visit http://www.international-synergies.com/.

Please send an email to info@zemprojects.nl to learn more about possibilities in the Netherlands. We are actively looking for industrial initiators.



Founded on decades of experience in the Oil & Gas and Energy sectors, Translead provides strategic advice to companies and government organisations that have an ambition to structurally transition to more suatinable energy systems. Translead can create, organise and lead the required energy transition programs, using a structured approach to form the shared visions and move to realisation. Translead offers the advantage of having a large network and experience as senior executive level.