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The goal of ZEMprojects is to reduce GHG emissions in industry.


The transition to clean energy is vital for our society and involves deep impact change. We believe that the energy transition requires a holistic and all encompassing approach. Opportunities to increase energy efficiency need to be prioritised and smart application of profitable clean energy innovations will be critical. A transition that touches all rooted processes in a business, from commercial to operations, to supply chain will not happen by itself.

The transition needs to be founded on strategy and vision, conviction, knowledge and creativity in the organisation, and on engaged leadership. Innovation cycles will shorten continuously. What is impossible or uneconomic  today will become viable tomorrow. Using frequent technology actualisation and active external peer networks will be essential  to stay abreast. The ZEMprojects team sees many opportunities to make positive impacts fast. This is why we are excited to play a role of accelerator towards clean energy.

ZEMprojects is proud to work together with the most experienced organisation in the field of Industrial Symbiosis, International Synergies Ltd.

To accelerate energy savings realisation in the industry, ZEMprojects works together with Learning Energy Efficiency Networks (LEEN GmbH). 


The ZEMprojects team tailors emission reduction programs and projects to fit your strategy, need and circumstance. We have extensive experience with change management, opportunity framing, business case development and technology adaptation.

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NEWS: ZEMprojects is launching proven cross-sectoral sustainability networking approach in the Netherlands. The Learning Energy Efficiency Network approach is extensively rolled out to 500 regions in Germany with a energy saving potential of 75PJ or 5 Million Tons annual GHG emission reduction. 


ZEMprojects seeks to collaborate with universities, clean energy solution providers, and innovation centres to ensure the right external inputs can be provided timely.

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We see many opportunities to make positive impacts fast, this is why we are excited to play a role of accelerator towards clean energy.

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